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I found the information on this Web page to be most helpful and informative. I will print it and distribute it to all my un-wired friends and neighbors.

Mrs. Emma Jackson, Baton Rouge, LA


I don't understand why people are so dense; they should have realized the dangers of sweat pants before the ESU study. The things they have to "study" these days! Yet people continue to wear sweat pants...

Mr. Burton Rollinger, Spokane, WA


You are to be commended for presenting this information which hoi polloi want to keep from the general public. Bless your heart.

Miss Rita Phillips, Troy, NY


I was most impressed with the article by Mr. Smithee. I know that no conventional media outlet would have dared publish it in its original, uncut form. I commend you for your courageous action.

Mrs. Phyllis Atir, Pittsburgh, PA


I have just discarded all my sneakers and am seriously considering discarding all of my other clothes as well.

M. L. Ciccone via Internet


After reading M. L. Ciccone's comment, I am tempted to follow suit.

D. Moore, Hollywood, CA


Who needs clothes, anyway?

J. McCarthy, Chicago, IL


A communist!

J. McCarthy, Appleton, WI


Since Mr. Bergen died, I have no comments.

C. McCarthy


I, too, have been unable to comment since Mr. Winchell's passing.

J. Mahoney


You guys have me thinking-- I haven't been able to comment either since Mr. Nelson's death.

D. O'Day


I will never wear jeans again, ever.

R. Nixon, Yorba Linda, CA

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