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Society today has become far too laid-back and lax; the way we dress is both a symptom and a cause of a far deeper problem. People do behave better if they're dressed better, and sloppy habits of dress do cause a general decline in our moral standards. It's time we returned to the days when respectable people never ventured from their homes (and indeed from their bedrooms) unless they were wearing respectable clothes. This page is dedicated to the remnant-- those who still believe that adults should dress like adults and not like teenagers or even six-year olds. Don't despair; what goes around, comes around!

The "movers and shakers" of society-- those who dictate our cultural values to us-- want the following vital information withheld from you, the general public. Great danger is involved in presenting it to you, but the benefits to everyone will, in fact, far outweigh the small price that may be required by comparison.

Don't be surprised if all this is denied strenuously by the powers that be. One reader commented that when he tried to contact Robert W. Bishop, the sports editor of the Milwaukee Post-Herald and a contributor to this site, he found no telephone listing for either Mr. Bishop or the paper, no editorial offices or printing plant, and no copies on any newsstand-- and no one in Milwaukee would even admit to having heard of the paper! Our intrepid correspondent then searched dozens of local libraries, and not one had a single back issue of the paper, even on microfilm! Moreover, since this article appeared, no one has seen or heard from Mr. Bishop. In short, "they" retaliated. The Post-Herald? Obliterated. Gone. Just for bringing you the information you deserve as a citizen of Planet Earth.

Without any further adieu, then, we present the remainder of the Anti-grunge page-- information you need today, even this very second. The clock ticks; time passes; lives are being lost and ruined as you read this.

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